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This organization was established in April 1947 and was named as Hualien Engineering Office of Water Conservancy Bureau, Department of Reconstruction, Taiwan Province instituted with four sections, i.e., construction, materials, general affairs, and accounting and was supervised by a Director. In March 1957, it was reorganized and renamed as the Ninth Engineering Department of Taiwan Water Conservancy Bureau. On May 11th, 1981, Taiwan Provincial Government issued the Order No. 29605 “Organization Regulations of the Ninth Engineering Department of Taiwan Water Conservancy Bureau”. As per that order, The Ninth Engineering Department, Taiwan Water Conservancy Bureau merged The Seventh Hydrology Station and established as its Investigation Section in October, 1981.

A letter No. 174585 was issued by Taiwan Provincial Government on December 18th, 1997, the Ninth Engineering Department was reorganized as “the Ninth River Basin Bureau” and was also headed by a Director. The bureau was instituted with four sections and two offices to handle its water conservation engineering and administration affairs, respectively. This Bureau will establish its construction section and survey team any time in the future pending the engineering requirement.

The authorized staff in this bureau has now 82 persons, including 58 office workers, 15 technicians, 3 drivers, and 6 janitors. In July 1999, it was renamed as the Ninth River Management Bureau of Water Resources Department MOEA. As per the organization regulations issued on March 28th, 2002, this Bureau is instituted with four sections, i.e. Construction, Management, Planning, and Equipment and three offices, i.e. Accounting, Administration, and Personnel. In addition, the subdivisions of construction and Information will also be installed pending the actual requirement in various situations.


Planning Section

Responsible for river management, drainage improvement, coastal protection plans, overall river basin management planning, various hydrological observations and other ad hoc tasks.


Construction Section

Responsible for the investigation, design, public works administration and supervision of river and seawall projects, the production and management of flood control materials, and other ad hoc tasks.

Administration Section

Responsible for maintaining and managing flood-prevention work done on rivers (coasts) and construction, river and seawall management, public land planting projects, sand and gravel collection cases, general application cases and handling regional illegal cases.


Property Section

Responsible for project site acquisition, information planning, promotion, management and maintenance.


Secretary Office

Responsible for documents, files, affairs, cashier, property management, research and examination and other matters not belonging to other sections and offices.


Accounting Office

Maintain legal compliance in all accounting, statistical and financial reporting matters.

Personnel Office

Manage all administrative processes involving personnel in a legal manner.


Govermment Ethics Office

Deal with ethical issues in government in a legal manner.