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The Survey of Water Resources Usage
We tentatively concentrate the Survey of Water Resources Usage on surface hydrological survey, underground hydrological survey, rainfall survey and the coastal observancy of Hualien.

(1) Surface Hydrological Survey 

The major task is to investigate the water level and flow capacity of each major river in Hualien County. There are two river systems in Hualien. The Hualien River system, in which the main river is Hualien River, is located in northern part. There are five branches: Papaya River, Show-Feng River, Won-Li River, Ma-An River, and Kuang-Fu River. The water level and flow capacity stands are set at five places: Hualien Bridge over Hualien River, Jen-Show Bridge over Papaya River, Feng-Ping Bridge over Show-Feng River, Won-Li River Bridge over Won-Li River, and Ma-An River Bridge over Ma-An River.

The one in southern part is called Shiew-Gu-Luang River System. The main river is Shiew-Luang River. It consists of five branches, called Fu-Yuan River, Hong-Yeh River, Feng-Ping River, Chow River, and Le-Le River, respectively. It also set five surveys stands over this system. They are located at Yu-Li Bridge and Rue-Suai Bridge over Shiew-Gu-Luang River, Ma-Yuang Bridge over Fu-Yuan River, and Li-Shan over Feng-Ping River, and Chow-Le Bridge over Le-Le River. There are ten observation stands in total to observe the changes in water level and flow capacity in each river. The major work is to measure the actual flood amount and the low water amount each year. These data are very useful in river management. Moreover, they are important information in development plans of irrigation water use, source of running water supply, and industrial water supply.

(2) Underground Hydrological Survey  

There are 19 observation wells installed for monitoring underground water level within the area of Hualien. The monthly data collection has been conducted for twenty years something. These archives are very valuable and helpful for developing underground water resources in the future.

(3) Rainfall Survey 

The rainfall observation stations are installed at the major river basins within the area of Hualien County. The duty of these observation stations is to measure and to record the rainfall within the basins and the area. The fifteen stations are Pei-Pu Station of Meilun River Basin, Tung-Men Station of Papaya River Basin, Si-Lin Station, Hsin-Tung-Kwan Station of Show-Feng River Basin, Hsin-Ta-Kwan Station and Hsin-Kau-Lin Station of Won-Li River Basin, Ma-Tai-An Station of Ma-Tai-An River Basin, Ta-Ping Station of Fu-Yuan River Basin, Li-Shan Station of Feng-Ping River Basin, Chow-Lu Station and Wa-La-Bi Station of Le-Le River Basin, Ming-Li Station of Nan-Lun-Tien River Basin, Feng-Bin Station of Feng-Bin River Basin, plus the one in the Bureau building. Each station is equipped with automated rainfall meters, manual-operated rainfall gauge. To get the most concise rainfall records, we take use of data collected from both automated instrument and manual device.